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2014 Moto Guzzi V7 – First Look

Moto Guzzi is on the road to recovery. In 2010, the company sold slightly more than 4,000 motorcycles. But in 2013, sales jumped to almost 7,000, a big percentage gain that is still a bit lean in absolute terms. Nevertheless, the recovery is real, and it’s being led by the smallest Guzzi, the V7. When Piaggio acquired the Aprilia Group (to which Moto Guzzi belongs), the V7 started life as a refurbished Breva 750. Then someone had the bright idea of dressing it as the mythical Moto Guzzi V750 Sport. Jackpot! The V7 became an instant collectible—lean, elegant, fresh, and reminiscent of glory days past.

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